Compost with Clumpies this Earth Day!

Composting Earth Day Ice Cream

Can we have back the cone? And spoon? And cup? And also those napkins? 

Don’t worry, you can finish your ice cream first. We’re just excited to ramp up our composting this Earth Day! 

Clumpies fans are invited to join our composting initiative by recycling food scraps after enjoying a delicious cup or cone. Starting April 22, each Clumpies location will house three receptacles for composting, recycling and trash.  

“It's been a desire of ours for a long time to move towards a greener footprint,” said Ashley Bottoms, Clumpies’ senior manager. The Clumpies team began composting early last year, first with kitchen and behind-the-counter food scraps and recyclable gloves. As of February, Clumpies was able to compost 1,745 lbs. of food waste, which helped supply soil for Rock City’s plant nursery.  

With ice cream lovers like you, that number is sure to double! 

And don’t forget to celebrate our 25th anniversary with us this year at Clumpies!  


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