The Inside Scoop - About Clumpies Ice Cream Co.

At Clumpies we have been handcrafting delicious ice creams for almost two decades in Chattanooga, TN. Starting in 1999, we set out to make not just a world-class product, but to deliver an amazing experience, and create incredible memories for our guests. 

Each batch of Clumpies ice cream is made by hand with only the finest ingredients that can be found. From our ice cream mix that we pasteurize ourselves to our house made cookies, cakes, chunks, jams and sauces that we swirl into our ice cream, we always strive to make the best ice cream around. We churn our ice cream in small batches (5 gallons at a time). That micro-batch process allows us to care for and consider each scoop of ice cream that we serve. The result is a rich, creamy, delicious ice cream crafted with care.

With three scoop shop locations in the Chattanooga area, plus a food truck and catering options, we opened our online store in 2018 to deliver Clumpies throughout the continental United States. From our ice cream pints to t-shirts to electronic gift cards, we've created a virtual Clumpies shop that delivers the product and experience right to your door!