Clumpies unveils new summer flavors

Ice Cream Summer Flavors

Clumpies’ summer flavors are here! We’ve encapsulated the taste of summer in 2 new flavors, Birthday Cake and Parent Trap, along with some familiar favorites – everything from your favorite pies growing up to the taste of the tropics.

Clumpies is the place to be all season long for the coolest summer treat!

Birthday Cake

  • Clumpies turns 25 this year! Celebrate with a cake batter ice cream topped with rainbow sprinkles and pieces of funfetti birthday cake.

Parent Trap

  • We mixed peanut butter ice cream with clusters of peanuts and peanut butter-covered Oreo pieces. Some of you will get the reference.

Dirty Banana

  • Inspired by a Caribbean cocktail of the same name, this banana and rum ice cream with Kahlua chocolate sauce fuses a taste of the islands.

Key Lime Pie

  • Enjoy a tangy mix of lime ice cream and lime curd sprinkled with crunchy graham crumb.

Strawberry Cobbler

  • A swirl of strawberry jam and vanilla-scented ice cream with a complementary crunch of toasted oat streusel.

Raspberry Lemonade Sorbet

  • Raspberry sorbet with the sweet summer taste of lemonade.

Mango Tajin Sorbet

  • A touch of tajin and lime give this mango sorbet its spicy flavor.

Whiskey Caramel Cornflake Crunch

  • This salty and buttery cornflake crunch is folded into a vanilla-scented ice cream and topped off with whiskey caramel sauce, in collaboration with Chattanooga Whiskey.

Strawberry Basil Sorbet

  • As the name implies, savor a scoop of strawberry sorbet with a touch of basil.

Citrus Peach Sangria Sorbet

  • A peach sorbet with a concoction of white lime mixed with lemon, lime and orange flavors.

Blackberry Mojito

  • A fresh mint ice cream emboldened with lime and citric acid and smooth blackberry rum sauce.

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